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Construction management programs at many universities throughout the country are not only pushing the construction industry to new heights—they’re also providing Bergelectric with an incredible source of talent. Berg consistently visits the top construction management programs to discuss the state of the electrical contracting industry, showcase Bergelectric’s state-of-the-art practices, interview potential candidates and much more.

Once college graduates join the team, Bergelectric provides the opportunity to gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of electrical project management through our one-of-a-kind Potential Management Employee (PME) program.


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Graduating from college can be a scary thing, especially when jumping into a fast-paced and competitive market like Construction. The Potential Management Employee (PME) here at Bergelectric offers a perfectly structured education program, which assists each PME Employee in grasping electrical construction while offering a variety of salary based incentives to applaud the achievements as you evolve in your career within the company.

Paul Diaz, 2014 San Diego State University Construction Management Graduate

PME Training

Hard Skills + Soft Skills = Comprehensive Training

Designed specifically for recent graduates, the Potential Management Employee (PME) program gives new project engineers opportunities for career advancement through continuing education. The four year, eight level program combines a demanding educational curriculum with incremental wage advancements. The first two years of the program focus on hard skills development: estimating, electrical construction methods and project management. The second half is tailored towards soft skills: public speaking, negotiating and presentation expertise. This program structure is unmatched in the electrical contracting industry, both for its educational mastery as well as its financial reward for successful participants.


Bergelectric’s thorough training approach will take you to some of the major electrical installation projects across the country—giving you a first-hand account of what it takes to build world-class facilities. The program will help you grasp the electrical contracting industry from many different angles—providing you with the most well-rounded and comprehensive electrical contracting training in the country. At Bergelectric, it is believed that building a strong foundation of knowledge at the beginning of your career is key to the continued success of the company and important for the advancement of the construction industry as a whole.

PME Comprehensive Training Includes:

  • Project Management Suite
  • Understanding of Bid Evaluations
  • Preconstruction
  • Construction Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Financial Strategies
  • Understanding the BIM Process
  • LEED® Accreditation
  • Labor Relations
  • Executive Exposure Events