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achievements in safety

Bergelectric has produced superior safety results by devising and implementing a comprehensive Safety and Loss-Prevention/Control Program that encompasses a series of corporate safety goals

Defining Expected Results – formulated “responsibility & evaluation” performance profiles for all levels of employees.

Program Highlights:
Training – invested millions of dollars over the past several years in the safety-training arena, including 40 hours of mandatory safety training for field management and new hires.

Safety Incentive Plan – created an incentive plan that is based on results.

Human Resources – hired full-time staff of H/R Managers armed with the tools to hire the right people for the job, including post-offer drug testing, physicals and comprehensive background checks.

  • Effective involvement of each and every employee at Bergelectric Corporation.
  • Elimination of any and all hazards (current and potential) that expose or create risk of any nature.
  • Reduction in all losses due to incidents resulting in injury or illness to any employee or others person or property damage from such accident.
  • An increased awareness of the overall safe operation of the project.
  • An increase in employee morale from knowing their environment is maintained as free as possible from any and all recognized hazards.

Safety Objectives :

  • Commitment for ongoing support from each and every level of management and personnel.
  • Assigned responsibilities and accountabilities for the safety program.
  • Establish lines of communication involving management and employees at all levels for safety and health reasons.
  • Completion of comprehensive surveys and periodic self-inspections.
  • Establishment of effective measures for hazards identification, correction and control.
  • Implementation of effective orientation and training program

AGC Willis Construction Safety Excellence2004 Grand Award Winner