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A sound training program is an essential component of any successful organization’s business plan. At Bergelectric, education and training are considered top investments for continued success, supporting our employees and our company in three fundamental ways:

  • Overall Safety –training improves the safety of our employees, our customers, and the public at large
  • Enhanced Performance –a skilled worker performs faster, smarter and better
  • Improved Profit – fewer safety concerns and increased productivity mean a more profitable job for everyone.

Still in its formative years, Bergelectric recognized the importance of continuing education for its skilled workforce but also understood the difficult task of motivating staff to seek increased knowledge and improved skills. Berg’s top management believed that by creating a free, in-house training program, utilizing Berg’s master craftsmen as mentors and teachers, and providing incentives for successful completion, employees were more likely to participate. And so BergAcademy was launched.

Today, BergAcademy is one of the most successful in-house training programs in the nation, offering a wide variety of programs for continued staff development. The following is a small sample of ongoing BergAcademy field and foreman classes:

  • OSHA 30 Hour
  • Trenching and Shoring
  • Fall Protection
  • Confined Space
  • Forklift / Manlift
  • Ladder /Scaffold
  • Powder Actuated Tools (PATs)
  • Lockout / Tagout / MSDS
  • CADWELD ® Training
  • CPR and Construction-related First Aid
  • Construction Communications
  • Construction Project Start-up
  • Blueprint Reading
  • As-built Drawings/Detail Drawings
  • Hot Work Program
  • Time Management/Conflict Resolution
  • Performance, Coaching and Motivation
  • Deep Underground
  • SDGE Standards
  • Jobsite Labor Relations
  • Prefab Concepts and Preferred Materials
  • Conductor Installations
  • Material Procurement and Management
  • Labor Resource Awareness and Control
  • Start-up and Energizing Procedures
  • Security and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Managing the Safety Function
  • Insurance Training

Bergelectric Corp. is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V