Healthcare & Efficiency

When the University of California (UC) Davis Student Health Services is commemorated its centennial in 2009, they had another reason to celebrate during that banner year. In December, the completion of the new Health & Wellness Center kicked off the next century of fulfilling the mission—“to provide campus health and wellness resources that  . . .  promote lifelong wellness.”  The 75,000-sf replacement facility, which was constructed under the leadership of McCarthy Building Companies, offers the latest diagnostic and medical technologies to enhance the level of student healthcare.

Berg Helping to Achieve Green Goals

The university, as well as the surrounding community of Davis, has a long-standing dedication to the environment through energy conservation and progressive environmental programs. In support of this commitment, Bergelectric played a key role in helping the $34.5-million Health & Wellness Center to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Rating that exceeds the UC Regent’s requirements for green building through energy efficiency and quality.

Throughout the three-story building, which includes medical-exam rooms and a student pharmacy, Berg crews installed energy-management systems, lighting controls and zone sensors to serve as ‘round-the-clock sentries. Berg professionals also worked closely with the design team of WRNS Studio (architects) and Silverman & Light (electrical engineers) regarding electrical requirements for occupancy control of all lighting, electronic medical records system, digital imaging and interactive kiosks that register students as they arrive at the Center for care.

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Value-Added Savings Go a Step Beyond

In addition to installing a medium-voltage power system that ties into the existing campus loop, Bergelectric crews are responsible for tel/data, intrusion, access control, paging, fire alarm, room status and A/V systems throughout the healthcare facility. Because of the limited laydown areas on the university site, Bergelectric took extra care to schedule release dates for light fixtures and electrical switchgear to arrive on site for “just-in-time” installation, which reduced the requirement for materials storage.

75,000-square feet

Electrical Construction Cost
$2.8 Million

April 2008 – January 2011

Delivery Method


Other Team Members
McCarthy Construction
WRNS Studio
Silverman & Light Engineers

Berg Regional Office