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Bergelectric and the University of Southern California

Since formally opening their doors in 1880 with 53 students and 10 faculty members, the University of Southern California (USC) has grown into one of the world’s leading private research universities. Now home to more than 43,000 students and nearly 4,000 full-time faculties, USC continues to grow—consistently adding new facilities to their Park Campus (Arts and Education) as well as their Health Sciences Campus.

Like USC, Bergelectric’s roots are located in the City of Los Angeles. Their first office headquarters on Venice Boulevard was just six miles away from USC’s campus. And though Bergelectric is merely half the age of USC (Berg is celebrating their 72nd year anniversary this year), they share a long Southern California history with the prestigious University.

John McKay Center: Bergelectric worked on this 110,000-sf facility (named after USC’s legendary coach) which features coaches’ offices, space for academic services, team meeting rooms, a reception area, state-of-the-art video production facilities, and a player’s lounge.

During the past 17 years, Bergelectric has assisted USC with their campus improvements, additions, and modifications.  It’s a relationship that has covered the spectrum of project types—including healthcare facilities, bioscience facilities, data centers, sporting facilities, residence halls, and classrooms, just to name a few.

“I think Berg’s relationship with USC can be summed up with one word,” said Bergelectric’s Regional Manager Steve Parks, “Consistency!” Over the past 17 years, Bergelectric has maintained the same management staff for the University. Senior managers and field staff alike fully understand USC’s standards and expectations—providing the University with a level of comfort that is virtually unmatched. “Additionally, we have developed relationships with many key individuals at USC‘s Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance Groups,” said Parks.  “These relationships have been a big part of our success on campus.”

Heritage Hall Modernization: Located in the center of campus and adjacent to the John McKay Center is USC’s shrine to all of their athletic accomplishments–Heritage Hall. The new renovation inlcuded a two-story main lobby, featuring the Spirit of Troy exhibit space that celebrates the multiple NCAA Championships, Heisman Trophy winners, Olympians, legendar coaches, student athletes, and achievements of USC’s 21 athletic teams.

Design Assist Delivery at USC

USC and Bergelectric have drawn tremendous value from utilizing the design assist delivery method. By using design assist, Bergelectric is able to collaborate with electrical engineers during the development of the design—using their vast knowledge of USC’s standards and expectations to help shape the final outcome without sacrificing the project’s bottom line.   “Design assist delivery is where we really bring value to USC,” said Bergelectric’s Vice President of Preconstruction Chris Billig. “We understand the level of quality that USC expects in their facilities and the way they want their projects to be built,” he added. “We have built a level of trust using a method that is backed up by our successes throughout the campus.”

Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall: Bergelectric helped build this new campus facility that provides smart classrooms, lecture halls and 50 breakout rooms for USC Marshall undergraduates.

During the design assist process, Bergelectric continuously reviews the electrical layout as construction documents evolve—ensuring constructability, USC standards, and code compliance. They also monitor pricing at each increment and provide options where needed.  Berg’s experience with the University helps them catch design discrepancies early in the construction process and gives USC the assurance that each electrical design will maintain the high standards that they have become accustom to.

“Having worked in Construction Management for USC for over 18 years, I have come across many subcontractors, none of which have been so committed and dedicated to the quality of work than Bergelectric,” said The USC Village Capital Construction Development Director, William Marsh. “They have continually looked out for the owner’s best interest and see the long-term benefits of providing “best in practice” installations. Berg is sought after in many, if not most, sophisticated projects on campus,” Marsh added.

Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center: Bergelectric helped build this state-of-the-art facility that houses a studio performance space, five medium and small dance studios, a dance wellness center, dressing rooms, classrooms and offices for faculty and administrators.

Adaptability on Campus

Bergelectric’s large pool of California State Certified Electricians, along with their vast resources (i.e. Prefabrication, BIM, regional buying power, etc.), give them the flexibility needed to manage construction schedules that are driven by the student academic calendar. “The school calendar often predicts the start and completion dates of facilities on campus,” said Chris Billig.  “Our ability to provide an influx of manpower to projects on campus really gives us the upper hand in making the construction schedule work for the student body.”

Bergelectric also provides USC the ability to work on the wide range of facilities that occupy both USC campuses. Whether it is a laboratory remodel for USC’s Health Sciences campus, or it’s a brand new classroom and lecture hall facility on their Park Campus, Bergelectric has the resources and depth of knowledge to build virtually anything on campus.

George Lucas School of Cinematic Arts Phases I & II: Bergelectric took part in two phases to build this ground-breaking facility that was funded (in part) by George Lucas.

Fight On Into the Future

The Bergelectric/USC relationship shows no signs of slowing down. Currently, Bergelectric is engaged in multiple campus projects that are either in the construction or preconstruction phases—including the recently acquired Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Hall facility.

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