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Dell Medical Research Facility

Dell Medical Research Facility

Healthcare at the University of Texas

The University of Texas and Seton Healthcare have come together for the beginning of a long-standing partnership at Dell Medical School located on the University of Texas campus in Austin. The affiliation between these two organizations is significant, as the hospital will be part of an area-wide organized system of care for low-income and uninsured Travis County residents. Though Seton will be Dell Medical School’s primary partner in providing clinical programs, the University will maintain the freedom to seek a range of partners on education and research programs. It is a significant marriage between two prominent organizations in the Austin area, combining academic medicine and the surrounding community to improve health outcomes.

Bergelectric was proud to get the nod for the electrical installation at Dell Medical Facility—not only because it was a great opportunity to work at the University of Texas, but because of the facility’s noble ambition of providing cost-efficient healthcare and education to the local community. “It really is a monumental healthcare facility for the Austin region,” said Bergelectric’s Austin Division Manager Louis Wyler. “The opportunity to work with the University of Texas on a facility that has captured the excitement of the entire community is special.”

The UT Dell Medical Research Facility has also been a great opportunity for Bergelectric to again work with Hensel Phelps in the state of Texas. Having a long relationship with Hensel Phelps on projects across the country, the Bergelectric-Hensel Phelps team is off to a great start in Texas with projects like the ABIA Terminal East Infill project and the City of Austin Central Library. “The UT Dell Medical Research Facility will continue the Bergelectric-Hensel Phelps team momentum in the Lone Star State,” said Wyler.

Because of the jobsite’s on-campus location (University of Texas in Austin campus), Bergelectric took advantage of some of their innovative practices to help eliminate congestion on-site. Just-in-time deliveries, for instance, have been utilized nicely. These include prefabricated materials and major electrical equipment, delivered to the job-site just before they are ready to be installed by Berg field crews. Additionally, material management carts (a.k.a shark cages) have been used throughout the site for efficient material handling and waste disposal, making for a lean installation process. Bergelectric has relied on modern technology for a more efficient installation process as well. Not only did Bergelectric utilize BIM coordination on the entire project, Trimble Total Station® was used to produce pin-point accurate installation points for field installations like floor boxes and sleeves for the main electrical rooms.

Construction is slated to be completed in 2017.

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