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At the Heart of Bergelectric

It is Bergelectric’s belief that the heart and soul of the organization resides in the field.  In fact, many of Berg’s upper management personnel got their start as an electrician in the field, so they know, firsthand, the sense of pride one has in building and installing.  Bergelectric provides many resources and opportunities to field professionals who are looking to improve their industry knowledge and propel their career.  You’ll get the opportunity to learn on the nation’s most high profile projects while working alongside the industry’s most seasoned professionals.



Whether you’ve recently graduated from
a trade school, you’re a military veteran
or you’re already an experienced electrical
installer; Bergelectric offers unlimited career
growth potential that is unmatched in the
industry today.

Starting out as an Apprentice Electrician, Berg allowed me to grow both in position rank and influence. Now, as a General Foreman, I am a teacher of the trade on the job site and at BergAcademy. There’s definitely room to grow and reach your potential within this company depending on how far your vision allows you to see.

David Cruz, Bergelectric Employee Since 2003


Training Laboratories and equipment provide Bergelectric employees a real-life training experience with the most modern equipment.

Hands-on training is provided to all of Bergelectric's field employees.

Bergelectric's Safety Carnivals (shown above) promote safety and provide training/certification opportunities for their employees.

BergAcademy Training classes offer Bergelectric Employee's the opportunity to learn from the industry's best.

Ongoing BergAcademy® Field
and Foreman Classes

BergAcademy® is one of the most successful in-house training programs in the nation, offering a wide variety of programs for continued staff development.

  • Orientation to Supervision
  • Construction Communications
  • Starting a Construction Project
  • Plan Reading
  • Detail Drawings
  • As-Builts
  • Perfomance, Coaching and Motivation
  • Safety Program
  • Deep Underground Installations
  • SDGE Standards
  • Prefabrication and Preferred Materials
  • Conductor Installations
  • Material Procurement and Management
  • Labor Resource Awareness and Controls
  • Managing the Safety Function
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Apprentice Fast-Track
  • Conduit Bending Basics
  • Motor Controls
  • Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • NEC Code Updates
  • Business Ethics and Compliance
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Confined Space
  • Trenching and Shoring Safety/ Competent Person
  • Scaffold User
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift/Reach Lift Operator Training
  • Scissor Lift/Boom Lift Operator Training
  • Powder Actuated Tool Training
  • Cadweld Training
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Supervisors
  • Qualified Rigger and Crane Signalman
  • Traffic Control and Signalman
  • Grounding and Bonding
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