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San Diego Craft Training Day 2019

SAN DIEGO, CA  June 8, 2019 Bergelectric’s San Diego Region held their 2019 Craft Training Day (CTD)—providing an opportunity for all Bergelectric’s field employees to participate in multiple training sessions that included: Exothermic Grounding, Total Station Point Layout, Fall Protection, Scissor & Boom Lift, Raceway/Wireway and Box Fill, Bluebeam for iPad, Low Voltage Training, 2014 NEC Update, Construction Drawing, CPR/First Aid, and much more.

Employees also had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Bergelectric’s upper management and Human Resources personnel (including benefits and retirement representatives) throughout the day while enjoying some common camaraderie with fellow employees. Contests were held throughout the day that included: Vendor Bingo, Screw-Drive Challenge, IDEAL Nationals Qualifying Board, and Legrand Plug-Tail Challenge.  Bergelectric’s generous vendors provided prizes throughout the day including a large raffle at the end of the event.

“This event was huge,” said James Stackhouse—Bergelectric’s San Diego Field Training Manager. “We had nearly 300 field employees participating in over 20 training classes, and over 30 vendors were on site.  It was a great opportunity for our highly skilled craftsmen to advance their education even further. There was a real sense of enthusiasm and Bergelectric pride in the air.”

Bergelectric’s Corporate Field Training Manager, Matt Hook, said “Bergelectric’s Craft Training Days have evolved quite a bit from their start in 2013. From what was once just a “Safety Day” with only safety classes offered, it is now filled with a wide variety of learning opportunities. These CTD events invest in employee development—offering a chance for our employees to hone their skills, develop new skills, obtain certifications, and gain Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Each event offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and training that our field employees are eager to attain, employee recognition, management interaction and support, dozens of local vendors displaying the latest and greatest gadgets and toys, as well as tons of swag. It truly gets better each year!”

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and employees who helped make the San Diego Craft Training Day 2019 so special.

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