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Slabtown: The Carson, Carson South & Leland James

Slabtown: The Carson, Carson South & Leland James

In Portland, Oregon’s Northwest District, also known as “Slabtown,” Bergelectric is working with the JBA-Andersen Joint Venture, developers Cairn Pacific-Prometheus Joint Venture, and MKE & Associates Engineers on developing a new neighborhood with a series of buildings on a 16-acre property currently referred to as the Slabtown Super Blocks. Once completed, the project will include 385 residential apartment units, nearly 20,000 sf of ground-level retail space, and a 600-space underground parking garage stretching below two city blocks. The massive 16-acre site has been parceled into phases, or “blocks,” that are being constructed simultaneously. Bergelectric is currently contracted to build Blocks 294E, 295E, and 295W.

The Carson
Located at the North end of the Slabtown Super Blocks, Block 294E will be a 14-story mixed-use multifamily building featuring approximately 224 luxury residential units, ground-floor retail shops, and a rooftop “sky garden” with adjacent community lounge. At 14 stories high, Block 294E will be one of the tallest buildings in the neighborhood with views of Northwest Portland, the Willamette River, and nearby Forest Park.

Carson South
Block 295E will include a smaller-scale three-story residential building lining the pedestrian street, and a larger six- story building that forms an L-shape along 21st Avenue. The six-story building will be a mixed-use facility featuring ground-floor commercial spaces with residential units on the floors above. The building is separated into two wings by an alley on the ground floor, an elevator lobby, and a sky bridge on the upper stories. Block 295E will be occupied by the end of the 2018 summer.

Leland James
Recently completed, Block 295W is a five-story (four floors above a basement level) mixed-use facility featuring ground-floor restaurant and retail shops with three stories of office space above.

Each of Bergelectric’s Slabtown Super Blocks projects (Blocks 294E, 295E, and 295W) will be pursuing a LEED® Gold Certification upon completion.

Using Advanced Technology
Bergelectric’s BIM Department is utilizing Revit software to create detailed unit drawings including material take-off, lighting counts, device counts, and panel schedules. The embedded data encompasses the entire lifecycle of the project—from the early stages of pre-construction to completion. “We were able to advance our Revit capabilities to include a new level of detail for this project,” said Bergelectric’s Pacific Northwest Regional BIM Manager Gordie Petterson. “This will set the bar even higher for our BIM Department.”

The design build approach to the Slabtown project allowed the team to share a single BIM model, and Revit software has allowed the team to use intelligent data from BIM to quickly identify features—such as circuits and cables— accurately and efficiently. The embedded data also includes fabrication information for materials like box assemblies for power, lighting fixtures, tel-data wall devices, and fire alarm ceiling devices (just to name a few). Even wire lengths for MC Cable—including home runs—were quantifiable with the advanced model. “Gathering fixture and assembly quantities for each unit during the design phase really pays off during the installation process,” said Paul Moss, Bergelectric Project Manager. “Revit has assured an even higher level of quality and will make for a more efficient installation process.”

Slabtown Super Blocks is considered a “paperless” project. Bergelectric has utilized Bluebeam software to maintain digital document control, which minimizes environmental impact by eliminating the use of hard copies. The field crews have been able to access PDF files of the BIM model on tablets around the job site for real-time installation solutions, quality control, and the creation of as-builts. “Our detailed Revit models can now be accessed by our field personnel through Bluebeam, which is a huge advantage for real-time solutions in the field,” continued Moss.

Bergelectric’s installation at Slabtown Blocks encompasses more than just electrical systems. Their National Technology Systems (NTS) Division has also been brought on board to install tel-data, access control, CCTV, fire alarm, DAS, and two-way emergency communication systems in the elevator lobbies.

In addition to Slabtown Super Blocks, Bergelectric‘s Pacific Northwest crews have recently completed two neighboring apartment projects: Block 296 with John Residential Construction Group and Q21 with Andersen Construction Company. Within an approximate 12-block radius in Northwest Portland, Bergelectric has three additional ongoing residential projects in design with Holland Partner Group and another project with Alliance Residential Company. By the end of 2018, Bergelectric will have completed almost 1,500 new high-end residential units in the Northwest District area of Portland.

Construction of Blocks 294E and 295E is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

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