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A Monumental Bio-Pharmaceutical Undertaking

At Amylin, perhaps the most monumental biopharmaceutical undertaking to date is the lighting, power and equipment connections for a 64,500-s.f. facility with an aggressive 15-month schedule, which involved installation of a new 3,000 Amp electrical-service and distribution system with a back-up 650KW generator. Several Berg departments played vital roles by:

Completing Title 24 calculations and certifications, Berg’s Preconstruction Department worked in conjunction with Philadelphia-based electrical engineer L2 Architects to offer support during the design phase; coordinating with the mechanical, plumbing and fire-sprinkler trades, Berg’s Detailing Department was able to make a seamless connection of Amylin equipment to the new HVAC central plant, mechanical and fire-suppression systems.

Providing complete design-build of the fire-alarm system, Berg’s Systems Division was able to further enhance the team’s ability to meet the fast-track schedule.

Developing standardized assemblies, Berg’s Prefabrication Department saved both time and reduced the cost of installation.

64,500-square feet

Electrical Construction Cost
$3 Million

February 2007 – August 2008

Delivery Method
Design Build

Other Team Members
DPR Construction
L2 Architects

Berg Regional Office
San Diego




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