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Compliance to Creativity

Virginia’s Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) operates seven wastewater treatment plants in the James River watershed that help serve an estimated 1.6 million people. Under discharge control regulations, the agency must comply with designated effluent concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus—both nutrients found in wastewater. HRSD’s Army Base Treatment Plant (ABTP) was selected for an upgrade that provides biological nutrient removal (BNR) to meet the requirements, as well as contribute to a long-term strategy for improving local water quality.

Archer Western Contractors—the nation’s sixth largest wastewater treatment plant builder—lead the construction effort on the ABTP upgrades and expansion that included enhanced nutrient removal, a new plant-wide control system and replacement of much of the plant’s electrical distribution system. Bergelectric again joined forces with this industry leader on HRSD’s $74-million endeavor that doubled plant capacity.

Based on a condition assessment performed by HDR Engineering, loads for the additional process facilities were served by new switchgear, along with a new standby generator and generator/switchgear upgrades—all installed by Bergelectric.

Applied Expertise Generates Ideas for Savings and Environmental Impact

An additional challenge to project delivery was Berg’s obligation to supply power for continuous operation at the plant—24/7.

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The temporary power needed to support construction was minimized by Berg devising a plan to improve efficiencies. In collaboration with ABTP’s electrical engineer, Berg re-engineered temporary power designs—digging up and moving power to overhead during demolition, which significantly decreased the number of generators required. This exercise in applied expertise and proactive thinking provides not only substantial savings in fuel costs, but also a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the facility over the three-year construction duration.

Electrical Construction Cost
$15.6 Million

March 2010 – Ongoing

Delivery Method

Other Team Members
Archer Western Contractors
HDR Engineers

Berg Regional Office




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