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Marine Corps Advances With Utility Upgrades

Across the vast terrain at Camp Pendleton lie hundreds of miles of underground communications and overhead power distribution systems that are the lifeline of base operations. The massive effort of providing communications upgrades and a new electrical distribution system was accomplished under a Global Multiple Award contract (GMAC) that was headed by a URS design build team

The RQ-Bergelectric Joint Venture, operating as an integral part of the URS GMAC Team, has recently completed this $100-million project that involved installation of 58 miles of underground communication infrastructure.  Pinpoint accuracy was achieved through the use of ground-penetrating radar to scan every inch of proposed trench locations for conflicts with existing utilities; GPS location positions was included on all as-built drawings.

In addition to serving in a design-assist role to electrical engineers URS and ELEN Consulting, Berg’s scope of work comprised all trenching, conduit, cabling and fiber-optic cabling, including a staggering eight miles of underground 12kV duct bank, 530 manholes,  55 miles of communications trenching and 17,000 feet of directional boring.

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The mammoth amounts of trenching and directional boring were accomplished under a variety of challenges—sensitive habitat, a busy interstate highway and Amtrak right-of-way, as well as southern California’s only free-flowing river.  Close collaboration was the key to maintaining the ongoing operations at Camp Pendleton that serve a daytime population of 70,000 people.  Bergelectric utilized precision timing for the scheduling of traffic control and utility cut-overs to avoid interruptions.

58-Mile Utility Infrastructure

Electrical Construction Cost
$150 Million

October 2010 – November 2013

Delivery Method
Design Assist

Other Team Members
URS Group
RQ-Berg Joint Venture
ELEN Consulting Engineers

Berg Regional Office
San Diego




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