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The Marriage of Art & Architecture

Developed in 1994, Celebration—an award-winning master-planned community near Orlando, FL—is the culmination of Walt Disney’s dreams of a “City for the Future.”  Designed in a classic Americana neo-traditional style, the Disney community combines the aesthetic ideals of art and architecture with the warmth and energy of the thriving small towns of yesteryear.

Within Celebration’s gallery of residential developments, office parks and resorts is Mona Lisa at Celebration, a 240-unit luxury condominium/hotel project.  Artistic in both luxury and name, Mona Lisa at Celebration is a world-class resort offering fully-furnished and professionally-decorated suites named in honor of the world’s renowned artists such as Da Vinci, Monet and Michelangelo.

Designed by Baker Barrios Architects—an award-winning firm with offices in Orlando, New York, Atlanta and Tampa—Mona Lisa at Celebration creates an atmosphere that captures a classic era as well as exuding eternal elegance.  The 337,000-s.f. resort was the brainchild of The Mona Lisa Group, an international developer headquartered in France, which is also home to Da Vinci’s famous enigmatic painting and the company’s namesake.

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Creating a Feast for the Eyes and Palate

Building began in earnest on the five-story masterpiece, which includes a sumptuous reception area, state-of-the-art meeting space, nature-inspired pool, spectacular rooftop observation deck and world-class fine dining.  Michigan’s fastest-growing design-build contractor, Synergy Group, led this $45-million construction effort.  Bergelectric headed up construction of interior and exterior lighting and power, as well as emergency generators, fire alarms and lightning protection designed by Orlando-based Ingenuity Engineers.

Berg Has the Right Angle on Curvaceous Design

Attention to detail in hurricane country mandated that Berg crews install over 550 feet of emergency-power duct bank to feed a 275 KW emergency generator, which will supply emergency power to the entire building in the event of a power failure.

312,356 Square Feet

Electrical Construction Cost
$4.1 Million

June 2006 – November 2008

Delivery Method
Design Assist

Other Team Members
Synergy Group, Inc.
Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.
Ingenuity Engineers

Berg Regional Office




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