Westminster Police Department

Locking In Value on New Police Headquarters

Experiencing a 345% growth rate over the past fifty years is bound to stretch the resources of any community. Despite construction of a dedicated police facility in 1968 to meet Westminster, CA’s already skyrocketing population, the city long ago outgrew the space that was originally designed to accommodate only 65 employees. As part of Westminster’s Infrastructure Revitalization Plan (IRP), the nearly 200 full- and part-time staff, as well as a myriad of volunteers that now work for this municipal police department, received a modern new 92,000-sf facility to call home.

Under the guidance of program manager Griffin Structures, Inc. and construction manager, McCarthy, Bergelectric served as a prime contractor for all power including, electrical, emergency and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Security with Peace of Mind

At the heart of the facility are an upgraded 911 call center and an Emergency Operations Center that are capable of handling regional law-enforcement communications. In addition to tel/data, intercom, access control and CCTV security systems installed by Bergelectric, they were also responsible for providing audio/visual as well as exterior and interior lighting for the $54-million facility.

Designed by Los Angeles-based AECOM Design, which provided both architecture and electrical engineering expertise, the Westminster Police Department facility also features a new forensic lab and a Type I jail for the temporary holding of individuals in custody.

Going “Undercover” Reduces Overhead Issues

Due to soil conditions, the three-story story police facility required over 300 concrete support piles, which further complicated underground installation.

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For the more than 30,000 feet of slab-on-grade conduits and boxes that Bergelectric installed, crews were provided with details on deck inserts for conduit and cable-tray racks that helped avoid overhead drilling and further contributed to a secure facility. Once it became fully operational in 2011, the new police department became a cornerstone of the Westminster Civic Center revitalization and is expected to serve the needs of this Orange County community for decades to come.

88,900-square feet

Electrical Construction Cost
$6.4 Million

June 2009 – June 2012

Delivery Method

Other Team Members
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
DMJM Engineer

Berg Regional Office
Orange County